Broken Covenant Petition


Licensed professional engineers (PEs) employed in the Department of Energy (as in other federal agencies) have a positive legal duty to  “hold paramount the public health, safety and welfare” in the performance of their professional duties, regardless of possible reprisal.  This is because their failure to jeopardize their careers when necessary to protect the public health and safety can have devastating consequences. 

Therefore the "Merit Principles" – the foundational values of federal civil service – MUST be viable, or our Country will continue to experience catastrophic engineering-related failures involving federal agencies, such as lost space shuttles, failed levees, oil spills, nuclear mishaps, airline crashes, faulty ignition switches, etc.   This requires that PE's employed by the federal government -  as other federal agency employees - obtain timely and objective resolution to their concerns about possible agency violations of law or other public safety concerns while being adequately protected from reprisal and other Agency violations of the Merit Principles (which are termed "prohibited personnel practices").

Therefore, the President MUST comply with his legal duty to “take any action….necessary”  to ensure federal agency employment “embodies the 'Merit Principles'."

The President, federal agency heads,  and Congress  primarily rely on two tiny federal agencies - the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) and U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) - to ensure federal agency employment "embodies the 'Merit Principles" because federal agency employees can effectively voice concerns while being adequately protected from reprisal.  There needs to be no doubt  that OSC and MSPB are properly interpreting and applying their duties.

Therefore, the undersigned respectfully call upon President Obama to direct the Office of Legal Counsel of the Department of Justice to review: 1)  how the U.S. Office of Special Counsel is interpreting and applying its duties as a "whistleblower disclosure" and to protect federal employees from reprisal and other "prohibited personnel practices," and 2) how the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board is interpreting and applying its duty to conduct the "special studies" necessary to determine and report "as to whether the public interest in a civil service free of prohibited personnel practices is being adequately protected."

Extensive Background Information for this Petition is Available at the Broken-Covenant Blog."

"The President shall...take any action...necessary to ensure that personnel management (in federal Agencies) embodies the merit system principles..."

5 U.S.C. Section 2301 (c)


1. Saundra J. Counce

Comment; This is my story...

2. Ray Barnes

"If these offices can't do their job then we need to dismantle them and build offices that can."

3. Rev. Tracy Hildreth

"Whistle blowers are NOT the criminals and deserve protection."

4. George L. Johnson

"As a former employee of Bechtel Jacobs and WESKEM, LLC and a wistleblower identifying what I felt were unlawful RCRA and procedural practices, I can attest that I was targeted and harrassed by DOE and its subcontractors to the point that I left my employment. "

5. Carol Czarkowski

As a former Supervisory Contracting Officer within the Department of Defense (DOD), I disclosed fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars on a program to which I'd recently been assigned. And for my disclosure I was removed from that program by my supervisor who had been the Contracting Officer on the program for at least three years just prior to me. This disclosure made me a Whistleblower as determined by the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), with supposedly federal rules and regulations to protect me from reprisal. The Office of Special Counsel (OSC) and the MSPB are mandated by Congress and the President to police federal agencies to ascertain Prohibited Personnel Actions (PPP's) are not taken against federal employee Whistleblowers. From 1998 through 2003 I reported numerous PPP's, including my removal from the federal government, to OSC and MSPB with nothing more than a letter from OSC about every six months indicating my case was being investigated. The OSC and MSPB, in my experience, gave me nothing more than false hopes that I would be protected by federal rules and regulations, and I was not. In order for federal employees to step forward to report mismanagement on federal government contracts they need to be sure they will be protected from any and all reprisals by managers or fellow employees. Congress and the President must create stiff and heavy punishments for any reprisal actions against federal employee Whistleblowers. And the OSC and MSPB must enforce those rules and regulations.

6. Jack H. Wilson

I think Mr. Carson has made a case that should be listened to. It appears that two government agencies are not performing their jobs properly. We should be able to get a yes or no answer stating the truthfulness or falsity of this accusation.

7. Gloria Deathridge

8. David B.Nolan, Sr.

In my U.S. Supreme Court amicus in DHS v MacLean, case 13-894, I request that Obama's Executive Branch enforce the rule of law for protected whistleblower disclosures.


9. Thomas D'Alessio

10. Richard Helton

11. Robert Horner Jr

12. David Proudfoot

It makes sense to follow the law and regulate the agencies of the US government. Make it so.

13. Katherine Schock

14. Deborah Curtis

15. Brent Ramey Hepner

16. William Solomon

17. Shari Bruun

18. Vicki Bianchi

I have personally watched these injustices and experienced them. I lost my job, my retirement, and have seen the harm this lack of oversight effects the public, other federal employees, and veteran's at the Veteran's Administration. I was scapegoated while on sick leave and watched my 17 year career destroyed, while I was assisting a black 15 year civil servant who was also service connected veteran targeted by management to terminate his employment. The story is a nightmare and would be written as science fiction if it where not true. I am writing this but do not believe you care about me or the Veteran. It is so sad.

19. Robin Gaura

20. Chris Grimley

21. Kaydell Gaasvig

22. Sharon Powell

23. kaspencer

24. Dianne Noblett

Excuse me, WTF Obama??? This country is declining fast and you seem not to know what to do!!! This man is trying to help you what are you not listening to him or anybody that has a smart head on their shoulders? You only listen to the same old shit from people who only want to get rich! Do your damn job man and stop the crap. The billionaires are ruining this country with Alec and other bullshit that you can stop so why don't you???? For gods sake man we are dying out here fix the rules or we won't live to see another century. Don't you effing care what is happening on your watch???????